Trawl 20180916 Atlantic, off Scarborough

Trawl, Sunday, off Scarborough, heading south

A good sail down the peninsula to round Cape Point, so we were hoping that for once the haul would be good and clean, no plastic.  We deployed the Neuston trawl for one hour, about three miles, at 3 to 4 knots,  under sail, so we gave the scoop an easy ride.

We put the collection into this blue bowl, and at first glance all looked good, with just a few tiny fish and crabs visible.  However, on closer inspection we counted 30 tiny bits of plastic.  These were almost too small to see.  What causes these small bits to be there?  We were at least 6 miles from any housing on the shore.

This needs further investigation.


Always so interesting to see what we haul up.  (Also a bit of sea sickness evident!)

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