Waking up at before 5am does not inspire most people, however chasing sunrises aboard Boaz …. Who wouldn’t want to do that?



The Marina coming to life



The boat was filled with a mixture of interesting, fascinating and inspiring people, everyone can from completely different backgrounds and points of view however we call came together over our love for the ocean, the planet as well as the awe of watching the mother city come to life as the sun started to rise.

Stunning Sunrise


On the boat we had Prof Peter Ryan the director of the UCT FitzPatrick institute of African Ornithology as well as Veronic Perald from his department. Peter Ryan has been working on the issues surrounding plastics and our environment since the 80’s, and Vonica has been identifying micro plastics from trawls for years. Having these two incredible researchers, minds and environmentalists on board was truly an incredible experience.


Andy showing Prof Peter Ryan our Manta trawl

Having Prof Peter Ryan and Vonica Perald on board wasn’t our only exciting news but we were also fortunate to share the morning with Hein Wagner. If you don’t know who Hein is you really should. A humble man, who has casually completed the Absa Cape epic, ran both the Two Oceans as well As New York marathons completed a few triathlons and the list goes on and on. Oh and he’s blind, not that he lets that even slightly stop him.

Hein Wagner and the mother city


Part of having our early morning series on board was to help Hein and his team, Alex Oelofse and Carl Holman, with a very exciting upcoming project he is launching in March. It’s a secret for now but take our word for it its going to be amazing!



A sneak peak at Heins project



Trust us, its going to be worth the wait.


If all of this wasn’t enough excitement for one day we also had a chance to play around with our very new, very exciting as well as serious new toy, our ROV underwater drone. On our sail towards to mouth of the Black River yesterday our ROV entertained everyone, including Keith our owner and captain, for hours.


Could not be more excited with the ROV

Being able to have a look at what’s beneath the ocean floor opens up a world of possibilities! The sad sight spotting pieces of plastic almost imminently however was a dampener, especially sitting so close to crabs and other marine life. However we don’t think this should get anyone down. It just needs to drive us more to know more and to be able to do more.



Andy could not hold back that smile


Our incredible morning was also filled with lots of sunfish and seals. It truly was an incredible start to the day. We can’t wait to share more of what’s to come with all of the incredible friendships we made on board yesterday. A big thank you to everyone who was a part of it.


Beautiful Photo of a MolaMola – Sunfish taken by Vonica)


If  you want to find out a bit more about Hein & his team:


Alex Oelofse: Photography & videography

Carl Holman: Photography



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