Spreading The Love: Music, Food & The Ocean.

We’ve been super busy spreading the love this month.


Celebrating the month of love

Show your love for the ocean this month


This Valentines Day we decided to do something a little different and set off to Clifton with Das Kapital, Esizayo sponsored by Radisson red, for a live stream. Despite the Cape Town Chaos of load shedding we spent the day surrounded by Cape Towns beauty with the smooth sounds of Das Kapital on the 1s and 2s on board and live streamed for the world to enjoy.

Our Live stream location at Clifton with Das Kapital


Clifton is a magical place, with its crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches. On our sail we saw two whales, sunfish and seals. Being able to share the beauty and importance of our ocean and seeing some of the magnificent creatures we are trying to protect really hit home to everyone on board. This picturesque day couldn’t fuel us more or help remind us why we do what we do.

Clifton showing off

We’re all about spreading the message of clean oceans through showing people the wonders of the marine environment and there way no better way to do this than to stream the sights of the mother city out to the world. Just like the ocean has brought so many people together, music has this same incredible ability. This was defiantly a day to remember.

Check out the session here.

A bird’s-eye view of Boaz


We also held a Valentines Day competition! We partnered up with Jeff Ayliffe from Cape Talks Outdoor report as well as Vegan Chef Nikki Botha.

Jess Ayliffe and his famous handstand


Chef Nikki has been working in Sea Shepherd galley’s cooking for there teams for years, besides being an unbelievable vegan chef across the world she’s also doing some amazing work to fight against the Fur trade in Asia. Having her cook for our special guests was nothing short of incredible. If there was ever a doubt in your mind that vegan food couldn’t be just as if not more tasty than food made with animal products, Nikki destroys these thoughts through her creative and tasty food.

Chef Nikki working her magic


Our winners Sandy and Belinda were treated to Chef Nikki’s mouth watering 3 course meal which comprised of:


Valentines day menu.


Our winners absolutely loved their meal as well as experience on the boat. We couldn’t imagine a better way to share the love.

Our winners loving their dessert


Our Winner Sandy.





Give Chef Nikki a follow and see what other delicious vegan food she’s cooking up. Click here.

If you want to see more streams around the mother city, you can find Esizayo here.







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