An NSRI benefit concert on Fourth Beach, Clifton, Cape Town.  A beautiful still evening, and a beach full of music lovers with a band so loud we could hear it 4 miles out to sea.  Guess the sound carries really well over water.

Clifton beach is in the middle of the coast line – where all the yacht masts can just be seen.


Got there a little later than I would have liked, so had to squeeze in (allowing for swing on the anchor)

very close to the kelp which is thick in the 5m water.


Clifton is just an amazing place to be, day or night, especially anchored off the beach.  There’s a happy crowd over there.  Hope they all read our sign on Boaz, about CLEAN OCEANS, which is why we travel up and down the coast to spread that message.


Last rays of the day.  Thousands of cormorants on that rock, and crystal clear water all around.  No plastic actually visible – hooray- but we did not trawl and it’s the little bits of breaking up plastic that are a problem.  I’m told that if you dive near that rock you see plenty of pieces, big and small.


This is our message!

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