Meet Boaz #18 – A Loggerhead Turtle

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There’s another BOAZ at sea!

But BOAZ #18 doesn’t need a strong wind to move. He is underwater!

Meet BOAZ #18 –



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Boaz was rescued at the same time as Legs #19, but until they met at the Two Oceans Aquarium’s rehab-and-release centre, they did not know each other. These two little loggerheads were soon as thick as thieves – Boaz would always be at the side of the enclosure, encouraging Legs in its underwater acrobatics. Boaz is a strong swimmer and will have no problem returning to the ocean.


Hatchlings face many dangers, often being swept off course into the cold waters of the Cape. That’s when they are brought to the Two Oceans Aquarium, where they receive lots of care and attention until they are strong enough to be released once more.

Boaz washed up at Struisbaai on 30 April 2017, weighing just 41g. After 216 days with us, Boaz had grown to 340g. On 16 December, he was released along with 26 other hatchlings and the giant loggerhead Yoshi, 27 nautical miles south west of Hout Bay in 20.6°C water.


Thanks to your thoughtfulness, the Two Oceans Aquarium is able to continue this life-saving work.

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