Hout Bay Harbour, on 15 September 2018.

This is International Clean Up Day, and aims at being the biggest crowd effort in the history of the world.  Beaches, cities, rivers, dams, canals, roads, villages – you name it, they will all be cleaned up simultaneously.

We are so proud to support Old Mutual Sub-Aqua Club, Sea the Bigger Picture, False Bay Underwater Club, Animal Ocean, Cape Town FreeDiving, Dive Inn, Trail Free Divers, Oceans Conservancy, Bay Harbour Market, NSRI, Pick and Pay and  Plastics SA in their sterling efforts here in the harbour, both inside and on top.

The Ski Boat Club gave us a superb mooring, right in the action

Random shots around the Harbour, with amazing efforts by volunteers


Ski Boat Club area cleaned









Just some of what lies under the boats – there must be ten times more under the commercial section


All sorted into re-cyclable and waste





Three hours work with 30 and more willing helpers, and 100 bags pulled out.


Keith Wetmore, Yacht Boaz

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