First Trawl of the New Year!



Andy showing off what we found


Sunday fun day, saw us heading out with a group of excited passengers. Eager to learn and share about how we can help save this beautiful ocean we were gliding over.Boaz sailed towards to the Black River mouth in Table Bay where we deployed our manta trawl for the first time in the New Year. The swell sat at 1-2 meters with the wind at a moderate 8.1 knots.Starting at 10:50 we trawled for an hour with the boat covering 3 nautical miles.


Boaz’s manta trawl in Cape Town


There is no doubt that the manta trawl got everyone on board talking, with the large amount of plastic wrappers that we saw going past the boat the trawl highlighted these issues for everyone. We found a ton of sea squirts or tunicates and even collected a large plastic cake lid!!

Cake lid found in trawl , and t-shirt made from plastic!


Afterwards we headed toward the Three Anchor Bay area, and trawled for 40 minutes through the sewage outfall. Not much was collected from this trawl. It was a Northwest wind and it the wind speed was 1.5 knots.


Having a look at what we found in the trawl



Overall it was a fantastic day out with a lot of great discussions and great people on board.


Happy day at sea


So many incredible discussions happened this day.


Sun kissed, happy and grateful for the knowledge shared

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