This trip was definitely one for the books. It was an unexpected journey that brought together like minded people, be it for adventure, love for the ocean, sailing and to save the planet while doing it all. We had some of the most picturesque sunsets and interesting discussions to accompany them. It’s always fascinating to talk to people whose journey on this planet has been longer than mine, and it was definitely the case listening to Keith Wetmore, owner of, and creator of the project for Boaz. He is such an inspiration for adventure (listening to his travel stories), and most of all critical thinking when it comes to solutions, thinking out of the box and questioning our role in solution towards world problems or just daily problems, for our future, as the younger generation.

Apart from thought provoking conversations, I learned a lot about sailing during our watch duties. We had whale sightings, jumped into cold southern waters from the yacht. Sailed through the Knysna Heads (which had everyone nervous) and revealed the destruction of the fires but also most amazing views in mirror-like, windless waters. We had the best food and great times. Crew members John and Brian, were just wonderful and the most helpful in any situation.

Another big highlight was meeting Sylvia Earl and all the passionate people at the African Marine Waste Conference. Bringing to light the acute waste situation in the oceans but creating a network through SST to build solutions to save our planet. The project for Boaz will definitely make a difference and I’m honoured to have been a part, spend time with and learn from such inspirational people. This was an adventure I’ll never forget and hopefully do again one day.