Amongst our amazing guests who join us on our weekly voyages of discovery in the world of plastic in the ocean,  we recently

entertained an international Actor and a Solo Violinist/Conductor.  Have a look below to see who….

Here’s our crew for a recent sail to Clifton

Amalia de Abreu, Colleen Lindberg, Walter Van Dyk, Anthony Marwood, Dylan Irion, Jessica Findlay, Mike Barron and Andrew Van Zyl, Boaz’s Mate, in front


and here is Walter getting some sun on a winter’s day.  Walter is currently in the Fugard Theatre production of Shakespeare in Love, in its second run after being a sold out success in March this year.


this is Amalia with Anthony Marwood, a Violinist/Conductor who travels widely working with orchestras from America to Australia.  He is here in the Cape, a favourite place, for a brief interlude before his engagements in the UK.


So good to have these people on board, all now Boaz Ambassadors,  with the message CLEAN OCEANS

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