BOAZ has one purpose in life – to draw attention to the scourge of plastic pollution in our oceans.

If we don’t stop this disastrous behaviour, chucking our garbage in the oceans, we will KILL THIS EARTH.


Here Boaz is anchored off Clifton Beach with a few Ambassadors on board to spread our message through their social media.

(It’s the boat right in the middle of the photo)



Our message loud and clear.  There’s an aeroplane that flies along the same route (the Atlantic Coast) with a big banner advertising a famous club (everyone knows it now) and we want to achieve the same exposure, even if at a lower level (in altitude I mean, not moral rectitude).  So come on fans, spread this pic on all your social media.




That’s Neil managing the Go Pro and on the right the Skipper (his father)



End of another glorious day in this incredibly beautiful sea around Cape Town (actually off Gordon’s Bay)

(and let’s give the fish a chance, after all they live in it, and keep the plastic in the bin) 


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