Boaz Ambassadors and First Trawl 8 April 2018

BOAZ has a Mission to take Action to Spread Awareness about the plight of our Oceans – filling up with plastic

So every Sunday we sail from The Victoria and Alfred Basin in Cape Town

with Volunteers, on their way to becoming Ocean Ambassadors

On 8th April we had a full crew – Volunteers from Norway, USA, and locally.

ViaVolunteers, a Cape Town volunteering organisation, were the introducers.

The weather was perfect, but the water was a cold 14.6 degrees Celcius.

Record time in the water – about 20 minutes.  Girls rule!

This is our new Trawl – to the design of 5Gyres from California.

We will supply our data to 5Gyres when the our Protocol is sorted.  Here we find out if it works.  It does!

Andrew, BOAZ’s Mate, pulls it out.  Excitement to see what we collected.

Seems not much for an hour in the water along the Cape Peninsula Coast, dragged for an hour at 3 knots.

Here’s what was in the Cod Piece:

At the top there seems to be some organic matter, including a small fish, and on the plate is some foam bits and some seaweed.  We will need a dissecting microscope to accurately log this.  First time out – we will need a sieve and 5mm grid paper as well.  See the 5Gyres site for the logging protocol.  But we were really pleased that the trawl performed perfectly.  It was home made out of GRP and Stainless Steel with a Polyester 0.3mm mesh net.  Total cost (excluding labour) about $100.


Keith Wetmore 8 April 2018

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